The Super LED F6 is a high efficiency Fresnel lens spotlight using the innovative High Power 120W COB (Chip on Board) LED ARRAY, in combination with the DE SISTI Internationally Patented optical system for LED FRESNEL and with an enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index) higher than 90 for appropriate chromacity performances.

The Lighting Fixture is DMX Controlled from 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming and a negligible variation of Colour Temperature while controlling the Light intensity.

The Super LED F6 is available with either Tungsten (3.200°K) or Daylight (5.600°K) Balanced CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), in both cases with a CRI higher than 90 and both in Manual or Pole operated versions.

The lighting Performances of the Tungsten Balanced CCT are comparable from medium to full flood to those of a 1000W tungsten Fresnels, while the Daylight Balanced CCT is equivalent to a 575W HMI.

The fixture combines the classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control on an equivalent FOCUS RANGE to a conventional lamp fresnel, with an excellent barn door cutting.

It utilizes Standard accessories from the DE SISTI range of equivalent Fresnel Lens size, such as Barndoor, Colour Frame, Cones, scrims.

Photometrics Data

Weight and Dimensions

Code Description Diameter Weight
316.100 Four leaf rotating barndoor 7.5 1.4
316.200 Eight leaf rotating barndoor 7.5 1.9
317.100 Colorframe 7.3 0.3
318.100 Cone with two discs (with front aperture diameter: 4 7.5 1.9
319.100 Set of scrims - Stainless steel 7.3 0.3