High Power and Enhanced CRI (Chromacity Rendering Index) LED FRESNELS:

The full range of FRESNELS (international patent N° WO 2013/024501 A1) is now available with a much higher Output (more than 50% in full flood than the previous version) and with a CRI bigger than 90 in both the Tungsten and the Daylight Balanced CCT versions.

The Tungsten Balanced CCT versions have been successfully verified with Professional Cameramen in TV Studio in order to be combined with conventional Filament Lamp Fixtures.

The new Daylight versions are rated at 5.600°K with the CRI greater than 90 and are matching other types of available sources in the market such as HMIs and Daylight Fluorescents.


Increased Light output from previous models:

- The former 40W is now 55W (37% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 40% more than the previous version in full flood, but with a wider Beam angle.

- The former 90W is now 110W (22% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 56% than the previous version in full flood at the same Beam Angle.

- The former 120W is now 150W (25% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 56% than the previous version in full flood at the same Beam Angle.

High quality, high performance
Uniformity, controllability and light intensity are the three quality pillars of the LED Magis, LED Leonardo 6 and LED Leoanrdo 10, products that inherits from the De Sisti’s conventional Fresnels all of the R&D Specialties tuned with the modern technologies.

Quality of light begins with the field.

- smooth and uniform intensity

- stable white colour at the specified correlated colour temperature

- even illumination and beam consistency throughout the focus range

- appropriate shadows projections in Flood, Spot and across the beam focusing


Patented optics
In our dedication to R&D, De Sisti has designed a highly efficient optical system to compliment the LED array technology.
The system is applicable with Plano Convex and Fresnel lens optics. The design allows for unmatched output, complete spot to flood focus with a beam angle from 6 degrees to 60 degrees and barndoor control that will have you wondering if you are really working with a LED source. Other brands require double to wattage and still do not compete with De Sisti LED Fresnel optics.
Thanks to this PATENT PENDING Optics, LED Fresnels combine all these great features with exceptional lighting levels obtained with negligible power consumption.
Since Fresnels are well known and largely utilised in the lighting industry, designers and technicians now have nothing new to learn in order to use LED technology.

Focusability and barndoor
Versatility is the key element in traditional Fresnels, where the ability of a continuous focus ability between spot and flood, plus the ability of using the Barndoor in flood to shape up the beam as needed are the basics to overcome most production lighting needs……the DE SISTI LED FRESNELS perform just as expected from Fresnels fixtures.



The display, easy and immediate
With De Sisti LED Fresnel Range You have an easy way to see and get all parameters directly on a screen. A bright and clear display controller is located on every LED Fresnels product, with manual intensity adjustment and DMX settings.







Electronic control & Daisy Chain

In all the versions the lighting intensity can be controlled via DMX from 0 to 100% with negligible variation of Colour Temperature. The fixtures combine the classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control with an excellent barn door cutting. All the Standard accessories of  the De Sisti Tungsten Fresnel Range are interchangeable with the LED Range of equivalent size.
Further more multiple fixtures can be wired together in sequence in order to light them up at the same time.

Energy savings
Choosing a De Sisti LED Fresnel You can really reduce your energy costs. These LED based products are REAL FRESNELS in functions and performances and introduce ENERGY SAVINGS bigger than 92% if compared to their conventional equivalents.
LEDs light bulbs last longer, are more durable - 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting -  and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. All this means
It means no bulb-replacements, no ladders, no ongoing disposal program.
Dimmable LEDs also allow an outstanding color temperature choices and longevity that extends over decades.


Calculate your savings

If you want to consider LED array for your fixture, you'll get even better efficiency and longer life.
LED Lights will save you money in more ways than one.
Use the ROI calculator to figure how you can save on your energy bill by making the switch to LED lighting.
With the massive energy reduction, virtually no heat output, and long life span, You’ll LEDs are the best return on investment.