HMC System

The HMC Control System is a Surface / Wall Mounted enclosure, which contains from 4 to 12 Selector Switches with Indicator Lamps which are used to select the Hoists being Controlled.  Once a hoist or group of hoists has been selected, a Master Up/Down ( Dead Man) Push Button will raise or lower the hoists selected.  The System also contains an On/Off Key Switch which will disable the entire system when the Key is in the off position.   A re-set Emergency Stop Button is provided that will trigger a contactor (Supplied by others unless specified as part of the Desisti System) which will trip the breakers feeding the Hoists and thereby shutting down the entire hoist system in case of an emergency .

Mod. 5431


HMC SYSTEM   Wall Mounting Manual Control System:     Enclosure Contains:

-          A Main ON /OFF KEY SWITCH with signal lamp to limit the use of the system to authorized personnel.

-          An EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON  which is a re-settable RED BUTTON, to activate a remote 3 phase relay (supplied by others and normally located within the MAINS DISTRIBUTION CABINET), to interrupt the motors feed in case of need.

-          From 4 to 12 SELECTOR SWITCHES associated with the number of  channels / motors in the system

-          MASTER UP/DOWN PUSH BUTTON which controls for movement of selected motors.

-          SELECTOR SWITCHES with Indicator Lamps.

The terminal block for the output wires connections are located inside the wall enclosure that accepts cable entrance from either the top or the bottom.

All control elements are working at low voltage.

Optional Hand Held remote control: available on request to remote the function of the master UP/DOWN control.