Icarus Automated System

The De Sisti “Icarus” robotic lighting control system features an advanced automated method of controlling and recording all movements of studio lighting instruments and suspension devices. These movements which include travel, panning, tilting, focusing and barndooring can be recorded and stored into presets that can be repeated time after time.

These instruments can move across the entire studio from one set and drop down into completely new pre-recorded positions in another set. They can be modified or changed via one or more control consoles, and/or hand/held wireless remote controls.

The Icarus is a real time, full feed back control system and it can be implemented in any De Sisti motorized Rigging and Lighting product.




Remote Control

- Integrated Lighting & Rigging positioning Control System

- Real time monitoring and display of motorized devices

- Diagnostic of remote units, including positioning information and safety protections status

- Electrical values reporting and diagnostic in case of silent dimmers assembled on board the automated suspension products

- Motorized lighting fixtures are completely silent and permit fine adjustment while recording on live

- High precision of positioning reading system for repeatability when playing back pre-recorded memories