PBS System

The PBS Control System is a Surface / Wall Mounted enclosure which contains from 1 to 4 Groups of ( Dead Man ) Rear Illuminated Push Buttons. The Push Buttons are used to move the Hoists either up by pushing and holding the Up Button or down by pushing and holding the Down Button. When the button is released the Hoist will stop. The System also contains an On/Off Key Switch with Indicator Lamp. A re-set Emergency Stop Button is provided that will trigger a contactor that will trip the breakers feeding the Hoists and thereby shutting down the entire hoist system in case of an emergency.

The control signal going to each motorized rigging device is a 2 wires, 24V D.C.signal will that determines the direction of the movement in association with its polarity.

Mod. 5430

PBS wall mounting cabinet: The enclosure contains:

- A main KEY SWITCH with signal lamp to limit the use of the system to authorized personnel.

- An EMERGENCY STOP resettable RED BUTTON, to activate a remote 3 phase relay (supplied by others and normally

located within the MAINS DISTRIBUTION CABINET), to interrupt the motors feed in case of need.

- 1 to 4 UP/DOWN push buttons to activate the corresponding motors.

The terminal block for the output wires connections are located inside the wall enclosure that accepts cable entrance from either

the top or the bottom. All control elements are working at low voltage.