The Giotto overhead cyclorama top light luminaire is the result of an innovative design by De Sisti who has developed a source providing even illumination through the full of cycloramas. Built from punched sheet metal with an asymmetrical reflector developed with a revolutionary shape and material wich allows the luminaires to outperform the existing optical characteristics for this kind of luminaire. Additionally, due to this original design the physical dimension of these luminaires make them very compact especially in height.
The colour frame is designed to hold the gel tangential to the lamp so as to achieve the best coefficient of transmission and eliminate colour aberration on the projection. The units are available in a range of standard configuration and modules. 

Mod. 4130 - Manual Operated (MO) version

Mod. 4140 - Pole Operated (PO) version

Mod. 4132 - Manual Operated (MO) version

Mod. 4142 - Pole Operated (PO) version

Mod. 4133 - Manual Operated (MO) version

Mod. 4143 - Pole Operated (PO) version

Mod. 4135 - Manual Operated (MO) version

Mod. 4144 - Pole Operated (PO) version

Code Description Diameter Weight
4137.100 Colorframe 13.6 x 10.8 0.9