Super Leo 20-24kw

The SuperLeo 20.000W is a Fresnel lens spotlight properly designed for use in those situations where it is required to locate the luminaire far from the scene; its high quality performances in terms of photometric characteristics make this luminaire essential for the TV and Film Industry. The built-in dimmer, with a local/remote control selector, permits lamp ignition avoiding surge current shocks. A highly efficient air convection cooling system includes a wide top ventilation grid, for air flow/heat dissipation, featuring an internal baffle to either prevent direct water leaking on the lamp or avoid light spilling; double walls grant low temperature value on the external surfaces. A bottom sledge, a tubolar rear grab handle and a single tilt locking the locking knob ensure easy handling and orientation of the luminaire. 

Mod. 400.110 - Manual Operated (MO) On Board Dimmer

Mod. 400.200 - Manual Operated (MO) Power Switch

Photometrics Data

Values measured with

Weight and Dimensions


Code Description Diameter Weight
401.100 7' detachable feeding cable - 5.5
404.110 33' extension cable for dimmer remote control - 1.5
404.120 66' extension cable for dimmer remote control - 3.1
406.100 Four leaf rotating barndoor 26.4 15
409.100 Set of scrims - Stainless steel 26.6 6
5505.100 Remote control for dimmer (ANALOGUE) 2 x 2.4 x 5.9 0.4