CH250 Point Hoist

The CHANDELIER HOIST’S upper stationary member houses two Independent Lifting Band Drums capable of lowering the Luminaire up to 65’, a Motor Winch Assembly, Safety Micro Switches for Overload and Slack Line Detection and the Limit Switches, Two for the top and Two for the bottom (1+1) safety. The shallow housing of the Stationary Member allows the hoist to be mounted in tight spaces within the ceiling. The CHANDELIER HOIST can be specified with a 5 pole electrical disconnect for up to (2) 20 amp Circuits with a Common Ground; it incorporates all safety standards set forth by the Internationally recognized testing authorities of TÜV to the German standards, the DIN 15560 part 46 standards, and by UL laboratories standards. 

Mod. 8350.025

Mod. 8350.025

The De Sisti Rigging and Automation Chandelier HOIST shall be made up of two elements.  The first is the Motor Module and upper Stationary Contact Assembly which while in the upper position and connected via the Stem and Guide Assembly to the Chandelier, shall maintain positive contact pressure (without the need for a latching mechanism) and be held in place by a self sustaining gear motor. The self sustaining gear motor shall also prevent back winding. (The use of an electrically held breaking device to prevent back winding or free fall shall not be permitted).  The Motor Module shall be a completely self contained enclosure and house a motorized winch drive unit with independent dual lifting drums for two stainless steel lifting bands (hoists with single lifting cables shall not be acceptable), a 5 pole electrical disconnect for up to 2 – 20amp circuits, limit and load sensing switches and terminals for both the motor feed and control terminals. The second element is the Stem and Guide Assembly, which shall be attached to the Chandelier and make or break the electrical connection when the Lighting Fixture is moved to the upper or lowered positions.  The assembly shall also include an outlet for testing the lamps when the Chandelier is at Ground level.


CH250 Point Hoist



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250 Lbs

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