The Goya Daylight Broadlight Range was the first of its kind in the industry. The Goya is a multipurpose fixture offering a 90 degrees beam spread (approximatly 11/2 times wider than any Daylight Fresnel) that can operate in any position. The Goya is utilized when
a flat, even field is required at closer ranges and has remarkable barn door cut-off. The addition of the new diffusion glass allows the unit to act as a softer, fill light for sets. The Goya can be equipped with any of the major light bank manufacturers products to convert the Goya into a daylight “light box” with no hot spots.
- Complete range from 400 watts to the dual 6000/12000 watts
- Rugged stainless steel, scratch resistant, grey housing for durability
- Stainless steel scrims and wire guard to promote longevity
- Special, flexible, aluminum alloy, 8 leaf barn door for durability and optimal control
- Optional black reflector for special effects hard shadow projection and out rigger color frame.