The motorized & positioning controlled SPIDER JUNIOR on D RAIL TROLLEY is a lighting suspension devise that allows moving the Light Source a long a Rail and UP/DOWN, with the ability to memorize different positions and play them back at the hit of a button in the main control or the Hand held remote.
The System is normally requiring a Rail Infrastructure that is formed by the extruded alluminum profile produced by De Sisti called “D RAIL”, that is not adding much load to the studio ceiling and is providing the appropriate precision for a smooth operation of the motorized trolley. Assembled in parallel to the D RAIL are located one or more special power rails, in order to provide the necessary motors supply, control data and load circuits to each machine through electrical collectors, that can be asly disconnected from the machine through multipin
The system also features an advanced Horizontal Positioning Sensor system that works like an absolute reader, allowing to obtain high precision and easy to configure control.