The De Lux compact fluorescent units are the perfect fill light and set light to compliment any studio or video package. The original DeLux design has been modified to offer a fluorescent fixture without the need of a bulky, exterior “intensifier”. The new reflector system offers the brightest, flattest field in the industry at very competitive prices. 2 lamp, 4 lamp and 6 lamp 55 watt configurations are available to achieve the necessary footcandle levels in the studio. DMX, phase and local analog control options are available to dim the units to 10%.


Control options: Analog 1 to 10 volt potentiometer on the rear of the unit for local dimming, DMX with the DMX Address indicator on the rear of the unit and Phase/Line dimming can be connected to any dimmable circuit.

Rugged, lightweight steel construction.

Pole-operated or vertical and horizontal mounted manual yokes available.

Dual accessory track for loading gel frames and eggcrates.