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Cycle Track Rail System

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The CT 70 CYCLO TRACK system is based on an extruded profile from high resistant aluminum, therefore wide spans can be accomplished between supports.

The profile is specially shaped to permit a very smooth sliding of curtain rollers, specially in tall installations. The CYCLO TRACK system is comprising also manual or motorized switch systems, to transfer clothes from one rail circuit to another or to a parking section, and motorized cloth loading sections are available on request. Both horizontal and vertical cloth tensioning systems are configured on project bases.

9055.002.00.001CT 70 Rail Junction Kit
C110.014.02.000CT 70 Double Rail Fixing
Flange to upper IPE80, IPE 100 or D Rail
It includes the necessary nuts and washers
9055.002.00.003CT 70 “T” Bolt for upeer fixing (HS38/17)
It includes the necessary nuts and washers
C100.100CT 70 Cyc Cloth trolleys (the suggested minimum spacing between
trolleys on the Cyc Cloth is 1 trolley every 30cm of cloth) with ball bearing

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