De Sisti main scope in designing a TV STUDIO rigging and lighting system is always taking into consideration all of those parameters that are the backbone of professional Lighting, combined with high efficiency eco friendly, cost effective and scalable systems.
In the Rigging and Lighting system design stage we always recommend to maximize the possibilities of use for a given studio size. In facts 32 years of De Sisti history have shown us that it is frequently happening that Studios originally thought for the production of 1 specific program, had to be re-modelled to become more flexible and accept several types of programs productions.
Under the idea of MULTIPURPOSE productions it is of basic importance the choice of infrastructure design.

The following design shall include:
On one side:
– Products High Efficiency and performances
– Products and system Quality
– System Flexibility
– System Energy Savings
– Durability, Reliability and High Tech image

On the other side:
– Contained and affordable investment
– Fast payback of the investment due to System Multipurpose use and EnergyEfficiency
– High Flexibility of the infrastructure to be able and utilize the studio for all types of productions and types of Camera Standards (SD, HD).
– User’s comfort to best benefit of the system in their work.
– High Safety

These are our key-points to achieve a full production studio that can accommodate large productions, newscasts, performances and shows.