De Sisti has been a world Leader in Professional Lighting Systems since 1982.

Innovation, technological research, high performance products, substantial attention to detail and highest attention to international safety standards are the most significant company priorities.
All products are designed, manufactured and tested at De Sisti’s factories, where total quality control is the primary goal.
De Sisti has made substantial investment in its products, system upgrades and development to ensure users benefit from the technology advances.
In September 2017 De Sisti launched a substantial number of new products and upgraded all the LED arrays within the Fresnel range ensuring that brighter sources were employed whilst at the same time improving CRI and TLCI figures to sit within the 92 to 96 band. The Fresnel Rain Protected range was shown now with an F7 at 160W, the F10 HP at 330W and the F14 HP at 580W. At a recent demonstration in the factory De Sisti showed these being sprayed with high levels of water which carefully runs out of the products due to the water drainage system built into the housing to ensure no damage to the internal components.

The recent addition of Vari-White technology to the Fresnel and the SoftLED range now ensures that studios can be lit with the ability to set the colour temperature from the lighting console without any change in intensity and importantly immediately without gel or climbing ladders. In drama this can help move from day to night or to simulate different artificial sources such as street lights shining through windows just by means of a fader movement or key stroke.

In News and Current Affairs studios these fixtures can help to balance one skin tone to another changing immediately to suit the persons on camera making them ideal of long running news with multiple guests. The technology provides adjustable color temperature from 2800°K to 6600°K on a continuous basis for theatre lighting designers. For TV lighting directors a step basis is provided where set color temperature changes of 400°K occur for every 10% variation in DMX intensity. The latter ensuring that TV lighting directors always know exactly what temperature they are working at.

The Fresnel’s continue to utilize the same high quality shock resistant German glass lenses they have since 1982, these being fitted in their original incandescent versions as well as throughout the LED Fresnel range that now spans from 30 to 580 watts. The universal power input from 90 to 250 volts ensures a true smooth dimming range from 0 to 100% at any of the ac input voltages making them ideal for use on shoots where the power is coming from different supply sources. Up to date any of the 30, 60 or 120watt versions are also operable on batteries.

The Vari-White and the standard Tungsten or Daylight fixed colour temperature versions operate using the installed self-stabilizing active cooling system. This thermal stabilization is managed by an internal thermal sensor and the central processor unit working with the fixtures array heat-sink and the integral silent fan cooling. This maintains the array at a constant temperature, thus ensuring array longevity and fixture stability with the silent hydro bearing fan operating at a very slow speed. Importantly the thermal stability also ensures that when DMX dimming is in use there is no shift in color temperature.

De Sisti hold a patent on the optical system which basically operates in the same way as the incandescent Fresnel’s with an array and a reflector moving towards and away from the Fresnel lens. Unlike other manufacturers the Fresnel units always ship with a 4 leaf barndoor and color frame and are available with optional pole operated yokes, Chimera and speed ring and other options.
Some of the very first generation De Sisti luminaires has now been installed in studios for in excess of 5 years with recent tests showing that in a 24 hour a day studios, the hours have exceeded 35,000 without light output or color degradation.

De Sisti is introducing at PROLIGHT + SOUND 2018:

Piccoletto – The Miniature LED Fresnel – Phase Dim version:

New Phase Dim version of Piccoletto complements the existing DMX and Local Pot. Control versions. This can be controlled by a standard dimmer or be directly connected to mains with local Pot. Added facility.

With this new version Piccoletto increases its versatility that’s allowing this little but brighten product to have a great international success.

After its debut in the Dubai Parks, Piccoletto was installed, to give some examples, in the BBC RADIO 5 Studios and was used at latest Loewe show during Paris Fashion week. It has now been selected for Talk Radio, Talk Sport and Virgin radio studios in London.


LED Fresnel VARI-WHITE Series:

Vari-White range is having a great success in the market, its last installation was at BBC TELEVISION CENTRE – STUDIOS TC2 & TC3 Installed in March 2018 were the first fully tunable white solutions for BBC Television Centre. The BBC purchased 95 F6VW, 75 F10VW together with 80  SoftLed 8 and 4  SoftLed 4’s.

The De Sisti Fresnel VARI-WHITE range, with the NEW LED ARRAY designed by De Sisti, is now featuring exceptional photometric performances:

F4.7VW 60W @ FULL FLOOD, 3m distance, provides 562 lux @2800K and 633lux @ 6600K with a 57° beam Angle.

@ FULL SPOT, 3m distance provides 3284 lux @ 2800K and 4078 lux @ 6600K with a 12° Beam Angle

 F6VW 120W @FULL FLOOD, 3m distance, provides 940 Lux @2800K and 1235 lux @ 6600K with a 60° Beam Angle.

@ FULL SPOT, 3m distance provides 5870 lux @ 2800K and 7600 lux @ 6600K with a 12° Beam Angle

F10VW 200W @FULL FLOOD, 3m distance, provides 1423 Lux @2800K and 1900 lux @ 6600K with a 53° Beam Angle.

@ FULL SPOT, 3m distance provides 15300 lux @ 2800K and 19800 lux @ 6600K with a 11° Beam Angle


New internal optical system for the SoftLED series with impressive light output offering a wide and softer projection.

New Fixed white version with standard white LED technology and highly increased output with CRI>95 and TLCI: 96

Photometrics results of the SoftLED range are really extraordinary:

At 3m distance

SoftLED 1 VW 60W: @2800K: 177 lux – @6600K: 228 lux

SoftLED 1 Fixed White 60W: TUNGSTEN CCT: 184 lux DAYLIGHT CCT: 216 lux

SoftLED 2 VW 120W: @2800K: 437 lux – @6600K: 571 lux

SoftLED 2 Fixed White 120W: TUNGSTEN CCT: 455 lux DAYLIGHT CCT: 539 lux

SoftLED 4 VW 180W: @2800K: 650 lux – @6600K: 863 lux

SoftLED 4 Fixed White 180W: TUNGSTEN CCT: 678 lux DAYLIGHT CCT: 861 lux

SoftLED 8 VW 360W: @2800K: 1.591 lux – @6600K: 2.080 lux

SoftLED 8 Fixed White 360W: TUNGSTEN CCT: 1.655 lux DAYLIGHT CCT: 2.206 lux

NEW! SoftLED 4 XL available in VARI-WHITE or FIXED WHITE versions:

De Sisti welcomes a new model in the SoftLED range: SOFTLED 4 XL is 800mm wide with a power of 180W to the LED.

It provides a super even -soft beam projection and the following main features:
a controlled Beam and SOFT White Source, ideal for multiple camera use in the studio, with more effective control of the beam projection and effective Honeycombs
a beautiful EVEN DISTRIBUTION and a real quality projection with precise reference white.
NO PIXEL EFFECT from the LED (which is a problem from many other Brand’s LED PANELS in the market).
Contained Size, reduced weight and exceptional efficiency for energy savings and lit Talent comfort.
Choice of Manual or Pole operation, the full dimming is through DMX and the LEDs are supplied with DC throughout the 0 to 100% dimming range, for a full FLICKER FREE operation and super smooth cross fades.
The unit is self-contained and requires no other external power supplies or devices…. both Mains and DMX connections are DAISY Chain able.

In addition, it features impressive photometric performances:

An Horizontal BEAM ANGLE of 98° and a FIELD ANGLE of 142°
A vertical BEAM ANGLE of 60° and a FIELD ANGLE of 100°
The VARIWHITE Version at 3 m distance @2800K provides 883 lux, while @6600K gives 1173 lux
The FIXED WHITE version at 3m distance provides 920 lux in the TUNGSTEN BALANCED CCT version, while 1170 lux will be the result for the DAYLIGHT BALANCED CCT
All the version will have CRI>95 and TLCI>95 at every color temperature.

Mini TELESCOPE with “Move to Position” activation, 10 KG Safe Working Load

Based on a GAS Piston Load compensated system, the MINI TELESCOPE has a Self Weight of 4 kg. and is capable to hang loads up to 10 kg. in its standard configuration.

This product is really proposing a COST EFFECTIVE but SAFE and FLEXIBLE method to hang lighting fixtures in contained height studios, allowing a fast adjustment of the height on each individual fixture.

Assuming a maximum hanging height of 4,5 m., the BS Receiver would be at 3.6 m. from the floor with the fully retracted MINI TELESCOPE and at 2,6 m. when fully extended.

In order to move the load in place, it is only necessary to either push the lighting fixture up or pull it down at any required point along the vertical extension.

Mini Telescope
Suggested for hanging height s up to 4,5 m.

– 0,78 m. Fully retracted dimension

– 1,77 m. fully extended dimension

– MAX S.W.L. (Max net lifting capacity) = 10Kg.

– Self Weight = 4 kg.

– B.S. Spigot at Top and Receiver at Bottom.