With the important success in the Market of DE SISTI LED FRESNELS and ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTS, we have experienced a very high percentage of newer Studios using more DMX Controlled devices and really getting the flexibility and benefit of being able to position the different FIXTURES anywhere within the Studio Area.

The LITE MINI HOIST is really the optimal answer to such a need, as it is offering:

  1. An extremely contained Self Weight of 52 kg. (to minimize loading the Studio ceiling)
  2. Compact height when fully closed of 0,58 m. (to maximize the use of the Studio height)
  3. Ability to lift 100 kg. net, which is more than required to lift 4 to 5 lighting fixtures
  4. Built In Mains and DMX Distribution on the motorized moving barrel
  5. Tracking ability on the horizontal plan, for fine adjustment of the Lighting Fixture position, including Hoist horizontal Panning of 30° in each direction
  6. Contained PricingThe LITE MINI HOIST is the product that makes it possible to motorized your studio at affordable costs and provide the best flexibility to the lighting system. Energy efficiency is also about being able to optimally locate your lighting fixtures to obtain the best picture.