High Power and Enhanced CRI (Chromacity Rendering Index) LED FRESNELS

  • the full range of FRESNELS (international patent N° WO 2013/024501 A1) is now available with a much higher Output (more than 50% in full flood than the previous version) and with a CRI bigger than 90 in both the Tungsten and the Daylight Balanced CCT versions.
  • the Tungsten Balanced CCT versions have been successfully verified with Professional Cameramen in TV Studio in order to be combined with conventional Filament Lamp Fixtures.
  • the new Daylight versions are rated at 5.600°K with the CRI greater than 90 and are matching other types of available sources in the market such as HMIs and Daylight Fluorescents.
    Increased Light output from previous models:he former 40W is now 55W (37% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 40% more than the previous version in full flood, but with a wider Beam angle.
  • the former 90W is now 110W (22% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 56% than the previous version in full flood at the same Beam Angle.
  • the former 120W is now 150W (25% increase in power) & a Light Output Increase of 56% than the previous version in full flood at the same Beam Angle
    It is evident the exceptional increase in efficiency characterizing the new range of LED FRESNEL. With the following unique features:
  • high Light output and appropriate Fresnel type Beam (full Barndoor, proper shadows, smooth field)
  • high CRI, greater than 90
  • super smooth DMX dimming from 100% to 0%
  • full DC Output and Flicker Free operation at any Shutter or Frame/Picture per second speed,
  • completely silent operation

the NEW DE SISTI LED FRESNELS set a new standard for the Professional Lighting Industry choice for a HIGH QUALITY, HIGH EFFICIENCY and ENERGY SAVING White sources.

TLCI: the appropriate COLOURIMETRY INDEX from EBU:
The DE SISTI LED FRESNELS are already utilized by Major Professional Lighting Designers and TV Stations such as BBC, BSKYB, ITV, ESPN, RAI, BR and many others.
DE SISTI has installed in the last 1,5 years more than 6.000 pieces of professional LED Fixtures at the most prestigious TV Stations around the world.
At the same time DE SISTI is adhering to the European Broadcasting Union recommendation for the appropriate measuring and characterization method for documenting the colorimetric parameters of LED SOURCES.
De Sisti is now including in the DATA SHEET the measurements of the TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) based on the EBU measuring system (https://tech.ebu.ch/publications) , which is the ideal method to identify the appropriate quality of a LED Lighting Fixture to be used for Professional CAMERA.

It is important to notice that EBU (European Broadcasting Union) defines a Top Quality Lighting Fixture if its TLCI is greater than 85 ……all the new DE SISTI LED products have a TLCI greater than 90, it means they are the ideal LED sources for professional lighting.