The Sisti is welcoming the Piccoletto. We made this product to commemorate Mario De Sisti; in fact it actually use the same nickname that the Cinecittà gaffers gave to Mario when he started his carrier at 10 years. This product is really done with all the love that all the group reserve to his founder.
The Piccoletto is a 30W LED Fresnel; it’s indeed a miniature Fresnel with exceptional photometric features. It can cover at a very small distance a full person; the photometric features of Piccoletto are quite unique: we have a  very white beam and it’s focusable down to a very narrow spot.
In full flat it’s absolutely proper with shadow and you have a very effective barndoor which really emulates the bigger units in the range. It has a new type of construction using diecasting and extrusion very nicely defined. 
It can be Tungsten or Daylight color balanced and it can be controlled by a Bluetooth application controlling the light emission.
The beauty of the Piccoletto is really the even high output compared to the power absorption; there are versions of it with battery operation and with a clip of mains adapter.

It has a very easy clip on barndoor with the four leaves; the Piccoletto self weight is 900 grams so it’s relatively lightweight and it can be fixed in a very simple way. The focus knob at the back is also activating an index so when the focusing is performed with the light off it is possible to visualize at what level the focus is, whether it is a full flood or full spot or half of the way.

The knob for the tilt is the same as for the focus knob and it’s a very positive lock; also the yoke is an extrusion and the power supply in this case is contained within the bottom of the fixture.
The light output is equivalent to 150W Tungsten fixture: this is a true Fresnel.