This is the new toy of the De Sisti brand; it’s called Soft LED. It utilizes the dynamic white adjustment and a very high quality LED Chips on Board.
Obviously it’s dimmable and it’s flicker free at a very high frequency and a very high rate. The beauty of the product is the homogeneity, the softness and the ability to control the color temperature between 2800°K up until 6600°K, which means you can go a bit warmer than a traditional Tungsten fixture and a little bit colder than a Daylight.
The product is very very ready for a lot of flexible applications without changing gels or filters or anything else. The shape of the fixture is a very compact unit based on an extruded material. The shadow made by the light is soft and this is so important for the our composition of the image.This unit, in combination with the existing De Sisti LED Fresnels completes the Range of products that you need to make a proper image.

The Soft LEDs are made by 4 different units: Soft LED 1 – 2 -4 and 8.