A Manual Suspension with exclusive Special Fiber Pantograph Arms, a built in cable management system and TOP/BOTTOM  offset load Stabilizers, the MINI SPIDER is a unique New product for stable support of the Lighting fixture.
The special Shape of the Arms provide additional stability to the moving part of the pantograph, yet the fact that they are built in a special structural fiber material make this pantograph the lightest weight in the industry (the Self weight of a 4 m. net extension MINI SPIDER, for 6 m. hanging heights, complete with Mains and DMX Load circuits is only 11,5 kg.)

The following HIGHLIGHTS are representing the innovation introduced by the MINI SPIDER:

  1. A stable support at any height of the lighting fixture
  2. A special cable management to keep electrical conductor within the scissor arms structure and avoid stress on cables without severe bending radius
  3. An extremely contained Self Weight of 11,5 kg. (to minimize loading the Studio ceiling)
  4. Compact height when fully closed to maximize the use of the Studio height.
  5. Ability to lift 30 kg. net, that can carry the majority of lighting fixtures for studio use
  6. Built In Mains and DMX Distribution on the moving part
  7. Compatible with the all D RAIL Range for full flexibility of positioning the Lighting Fixture
  8. Contained Pricing

The MINI SPIDER is the product that makes the Manual (Pole Operated) positioning of your studio LIGHTS affordable in costs and provide the best flexibility to the lighting system.
Energy efficiency is also about being able to optimally locate your lighting fixtures to obtain the best picture.