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The SOFT LED 4 is the DE SISTI answer to the increasing demand of COMPACT FIXTURES for SOFTLIGHTING.
It is available either as REMOTE PHOSPHORS with a CCT either Tungsten Balanced (CRI>97) or Daylight balance (CRI>92) or Variable white with an adjustable CCT from 2800°K up to 6500°K.
It provides a super even – soft beam projection and the following main features:
· a controlled Beam and SOFT White Source, ideal for multiple camera use in the studio, with more effective control of the beam projection and effective Honeycombs
· with a beautiful EVEN DISTRIBUTION and a real quality projection with precise reference white.
· NO PIXEL EFFECT from the LED (which is a problem from many other Brand’s LED PANELS in the market).
· Contained Size, reduced weight and exceptional efficiency for energy savings and lit Talent comfort.
· Choice of Manual or Pole operation, the full dimming is through DMX and the LEDs are supplied with DC throughout the 0 to 100% dimming range, for a full FLICKER FREE operation and super smooth cross fades.
· The unit is self contained and requires no other external power supplies or devices….both Mains and DMX connections are DAISY Chain able.

  • Either Remote Phosphors Panel (interchangeable for Tung. Or Daylight) or Variwhite version
  • Rugged and Lightweight Aluminium extrusion housing with Black Oxidation low glare finishing
  • High efficiency Automatic Cooling.
  • DMX (or local) control of the Light intensity from 0 to 100% with smooth transition and theatrical quality dimming….flicker free at any dimming level.
  • The accessories are secure regardless of the orientation of the fixture. Accessories have been designed for one hand installation.
  • Available with either positive lock manual yokes for comfort and ease of handling, or pole operated yokes which can be used via the lighting pole for Panning and Tilting the lights as well as manually, since the mechanical activators are equipped with clutches.
Power to LED180W
Flicker Free – Tested with Phantom Camera up to 40.000FPS
Power ConsumptionEurope: 200W @ 230 V 50-60 H
America: 205W @ 120 V 50-60 Hz
DMX Data link
This product uses a 5-pin XLR for DMX input and output.
Use a shielded data cables.
Do not overload the daisy chain. Up to a maximum of 32 devices can be used on a single DMX chain.
DMX Channels2 for Remote Phosphors
4 for Variwhite
LED BARS Lifetime50.000 hours with 70% Lumen Maintenance
Protection TypeIP 22
Max. Housing Surface
70° C
Weight of Fixture with
M.O. : 5,5 kg.
P.O. : 6,7 kg.

M.O. Version

(mm – inch)

P.O. Version

(mm – inch)

Flood/Spot - Daylight/Tungsten Data